Christmas Moment Maker

Transform the fun of the Christmas season into meaningful moments with your kids!

christmas moment maker

This time of year, we’re all looking for fun and meaningful ways to connect with each other. Use this “Christmas Moment Maker” to make the most of your family’s time together. Bookmark this page so you can try to complete all nine activities between now and Christmas. And don’t worry, they won’t require any extra time, money or planning!

You’ll take the fun things you’re already doing and turn them into meaningful moments. Let’s remember together that Jesus being born isn’t just part of the celebration, it is the celebration!


Play Do You See What I See?

The very first Christmas had a lot of lights. On the night Jesus was born, bright angels lit up the sky in front of the shepherds. Later, a star led the wise men to find Jesus in Bethlehem.

Tonight, as you look at Christmas lights, divide the car into TEAM STAR and TEAM ANGEL and see which team can find the most!

Bonus points for anyone who spots a nativity—Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in the manger!

Good luck teams—the Christmas story has never been so competitive!

Tonight is Eat Like the Animals Night!

Jesus was born in a stable surrounded by animals. Have you ever seen a horse eat with a fork and spoon? Tonight, imagine what it would have been like to eat be one of those animals... and try to eat like one!

  1. Put your utensils away.
  2. Have everyone pick an animal from the Christmas story.
  3. Watch "How Animals Eat Their Food" on YouTube.
  4. Eat like the animals—for at least the first five minutes!

It's time for a Flashlight Dance Party!

Turn off all the lights, grab flashlights or your phone, and turn up the bops on this music playlist to celebrate Jesus together tonight.

Get the Playlist

Play Stop, Roll, and Shout!

Any time your family car stops at a stop sign, everyone must roll down their windows and shout, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!” as loud as they can. 

It's a fun way to take a quick pause and remember what (and who!) we're celebrating. 

Besides, what better time is there to stop than at a stop sign?

Sing Loud for All to Hear!

When Jesus was born, it was good news of great joy for all the people. Think of someone who might need some "great joy" and send them a quick video of your family singing a Christmas song.


  • Take a selfie video of everyone in front of the tree singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."
  • "Elf Yourself" at and create a funny dance video.

Listen to the Christmas story.

Listen to the Christmas story together before you go to bed. Talk about what Jesus being born means to you!

Want to read it for yourself? Grab your Bible and look up Luke 2:1–20.

It's Fort Night!

On the night Jesus was born, his parents were told there was no room for them in the inn, and they had to sleep in a stable.

Well tonight there is no room for YOU on the couch! It's a fort night (see what we did there?). You must make your own "stable" for the movie watching.

Don't forget the snacks! Is it even a fort if you don't have snacks? We'll never know!

Play Christmas Story Scavenger Hunt!

Read the story below as you go through the grocery store. Work together to find the item that perfectly fills each blank. The story of Christmas has never been so delicious!


One day, and angel appeared to Joseph and told him he was going to be a __(name of cereal)__!

Joseph went to his wife, Mary, and said they needed to __(type of applesauce pouch)__ to Bethlehem to be counted.

When they got there, Mary had the baby and __(type of laundry detergent)__-ed him in her arms.

Jesus wasn't born in a fancy hotel like the __(type of cracker)__.

He was born in a stable full of __(another type of cracker/cookie)__-s.

Later that night, some __(type of frozen meat pie)__ were out with their sheep when suddenly an __(type of pasta noodle)__ appeared to announce that Jesus was born!

Later God put a __(first four letters of UpStreet's favorite candy)__ in the sky so everyone would know the Savior was born and we should celebrate him!

Check Your Answers:

Celebrate Jesus's Birthday!

Find a way today to celebrate Jesus's birthday. You can bake a cake or put a candle on a Christmas dessert you already have. Sing "Happy Birthday" together remembering that Jesus isn't just part of the celebration, he is the celebration!