Resources to help you own your faith

emotionally healthy leader

The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazerro

In The Emotionally Healthy Leader, Peter Scazzero shows leaders how to develop a deep, inner life with Christ, examining its profound implications for surviving stress, planning and decision making, building teams, creating healthy culture, influencing others, and much more.

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the way of the warrior

The Way of the Warrior by Erwin McManus

McManus shows that encountering peace does not occur by accident, but rather by artful intention. Warrior is a call to decisiveness, self-examination, and the pursuit of spiritual wholeness.

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how people change

How People Change by Paul Tripp and Tim Lane

What does it take for lasting change to take root in your life? If you've ever tried, failed, and wondered why, you need How People Change.

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respectable sins

Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges

What ever happened to sin? This classic book helps readers understand and commit to a life of holiness by examining patterns of behavior we often accept as normal, rather than as violations of God’s law.

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wisdom series

The Wisdom Series from The Bible Project

The book of Proverbs, the book of Ecclesiastes, and the book of Job all make up the Old Testament wisdom literature, and together they teach us an important lesson about the meaning of life.

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Visioneering by Andy Stanley

What breaks your heart? What keeps you up at night? What could be that should be? Andy Stanley believes these questions are bread crumbs that lead to the discovery of personal vision.

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the gospel centered life by robert thune and will walker

The Gospel-Centered Life by Robert H. Thune & Will Walker

Lots of Christians talk about the gospel, but how many really understand the gospel and know how to apply it to their lives? 

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prepared series

Prepared with Andy Stanley

Responding to people's questions and challenges can get complicated. But what if you were confident you had the answer to the most important question about your faith?

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be the bridge by latasha morrison

Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison

Be the Bridge presents a compelling vision of what it means for every follower of Jesus to become a bridge builder—committed to pursuing justice and racial unity in light of the gospel.

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louder than words by andy stanley

Louder Than Words by Andy Stanley

This book is about uncompromised living. It is about choosing every day to be a man or woman of integrity, a person whose actions speak louder than words.

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the ruthless elimination of hurry by john mark comer

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

Within the pages of this book, you’ll find a fascinating roadmap to staying emotionally healthy and spiritually alive in the chaos of the modern world.

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