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Exploring Faith

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How can faith affect our daily lives? Starting Point is a place to discover how faith makes a difference.

Like many people, you may be curious about faith, have some doubts, or new to the whole idea. But you don’t need a lecture, a list of rules, or a podcast. How about a conversation? At Starting Point, you’ll meet other people just like you, and you’ll have space to discover how your life and faith interact.

Starting Point is a short-term group facilitated by authentic people who are exploring faith with you. On any given week, you can participate or just listen. We’ll meet you where you are. You’ll experience a judgment-free place that has helped thousands of others safely explore their faith. We’d love for you to join the conversation.

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Examples of conversations you might hear in Starting Point:

Why didn't God? . . .
why didnt god video
Faith and Doubt
faith and doubt video
Why People Avoid Church
why people video
Faith in Everyday Life
faith in life video

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