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Helpful Resources for Parents

verse cling

UpStreet's Verse Cling

Learn it, Lock it, Live it.

Help your family PEACE out this summer! 

LEARN IT: Put this verse cling somewhere your family will see it every day (fridge, back door, bathroom mirror).

LOCK IT: Anytime someone argues in the car this month, hold up a peace sign ✌🏽and say the verse out loud together. 

LIVE IT: Sometimes it’s hardest to choose peace with the ones you love the most. So as your family prepares for summer break, commit to living out this verse with each other. Show that your love for each other is more important than being right or winning an argument. Find ways every day to work it out and live at peace together. 

Verse clings are available on UpStreet

car tag image

UpStreet's Car Tag

Make time in the car matter.

We know great conversations can happen in the car. So, hang this car tag in your car to help your kids know that God wants us to choose peace and find ways to work it out with our friends and family.

Car tags are available on UpStreet