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Raising Kids to Give, Serve, and Love

Can you imagine how the world would change if we raised up a generation of kids who were able to see the needs of others and felt compelled to do something to help?

In this interview, we talk with Bryan Apinis. He’s a father of four and Director of Intersect and the Be Rich campaign that champions the cause of generosity and compassion for all our area churches. He has spent years working with his team to provide opportunities for our families and kids to give, serve, and love others. And what an impact this initiative has had on our world!

We’ll talk about practical ways you can begin teaching your kids to see the needs of those around them and simple things you can do to help them get involved and serve. We all know that serving others not only helps the person who has a need, but it also does something very important in us!

Let’s raise up kids who give, serve, and love others!