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Learn the Bible Verse Together

Learn the Bible Verse Together

Jesus’s love is SO big!

Make sure your preschooler always remembers that Jesus’s love for them is SOOOO big by helping them learn this Bible verse.

Practice the motions together and make it fun. They can roar it like a dinosaur 🦕, stand on one leg like a flamingo🦩, or whisper it like a mouse🐭.

Do it each day, so this truth sticks in their hearts forever!

Make a Valentine

Make a Valentine

Jesus loves you and I do too!

Help your preschooler take what they’re learning about Jesus this month and share it with their friends with a fun valentine!

They’ll color one and decorate it in Waumba Land, then bring it home to give to a friend! Help your preschooler show their friends that "Jesus loves you and I do too!"

Print Your Own