Support a Foster Family

Bring a meal for a Foster Family

Local foster families are stepping up to house vulnerable kids in our community and we can help! 

Foster families are often overwhelmed with court dates, therapies, and social worker visits. Having someone deliver a meal provides the gift of extra time and energy for a foster family to focus on simply being together.

Want to help?

Follow the steps listed below and Fostering Together will pair you with a foster family. You will simply deliver a hot meal to their home monthly for the next twelve months.

It's easy... 

1. Follow the link below. 

2. Create an account. 

3. Fill out an application. 

... and a staff member will be in touch!



There are other ways you can serve our fostering community

Fostering Together Event Volunteer

Be An Event Volunteer

  • Serve two to three times each year.
  • Care for children while their parents build community.
  • Greet and welcome for adult environments.
  • Set up and tear down for events.
Fostering together respite

Be a Supporting Mentor

  • Serve two to three times each month.
  • Mentor children.
  • Babysit.
  • Provide meals and transportation.
Foster mom with two sons, laughing on porch swing.

Be a Foster Family

  • Serve daily.
  • Care for children 24/7. 
  • Welcome children for an undetermined period of time.
three young girls sitting on a hillside

Sign up for CarePortal

  • Receive an email when needs arise in your community.
  • Prevent kids from coming into foster care.
  • Strengthen families.
  • Support children experiencing foster care.