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Under The Circumstances

Andy Stanley
Oct-Nov 2023

When life doesn’t turn out the way we hope, it can cause us to doubt God’s goodness. But many times, it’s in the midst of our...

Dear God

Rahul Agarwal
Jul 2023

Have you ever wondered, “Does prayer really work? Does God even hear us? Am I saying the right things?” If so, you’re not alone.

The Fundamental List

Andy Stanley and Joel Thomas
May-Jul 2023

With so many denominations and opinions on what it means to be a Christian, it can be difficult to determine what is fundamental to the...

This Is The Way

Samer Massad
Apr 2023

Following Jesus isn’t less than belief—it’s certainly more. So, what does it mean to follow in the way of Jesus, really? We’ll redefine...

Comfort Zone

Rahul Agarwal
Nov 2022

There is no growth in comfort. Join us as we learn how moving out of your comfort zone really is the better way.