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Games We Play

Andy Stanley
Jul 2024

When we play games within our relationships, no one wins. But there’s one game we can play where everyone wins.

Broken and Grateful

Andy Stanley
Jun 30, 2024

We can disagree culturally and politically, and still love unconditionally.

What Our World Needs Now

Andy Stanley, Rahul Agarwal and Joel Thomas
Apr-Jun 2024

What the world needs isn't necessarily more people who claim to be spiritual. It needs Jesus followers who are all headed toward one...

Out of the Shadows

Rahul Agarwal
Sep 2023

"Giving into temptation causes us to live in the shadows."


Andy Stanley
Aug-Sep 2023

In the first century, the cross was a symbol of suffering and shame. In this series, we’ll talk about how it now represents an empowering...