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Comfort Zone

Rahul Agarwal
Nov 2022

There is no growth in comfort. Join us as we learn how moving out of your comfort zone really is the better way.

Lists, Rules and Boxes to Check (Oh My)

Rahul Agarwal
Sep-Oct 2022

Life can often seem like one long to-do list, but Jesus offers so much more. Join us as we discover how abiding, consistent practices and...

Voices: Darren Youngstrom

Darren Youngstrom
Jun 12, 2022

Being in the middle of something can be difficult, but getting something out of the middle is more important than getting out of the middle.


Rahul Agarwal
Apr-May 2022

Life can cause us to focus on emotions like fear, worry, and disappointment. But, left unchecked, those emotions can keep us from moving...

Famous Last Words

Gerald Fadayomi
Jul 04, 2021

A person’s last words matter. They have the potential to impact others. They can communicate what matter’s most. You may have experienced...