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Comfort Zone

Rahul Agarwal
Nov 2022

There is no growth in comfort. Join us as we learn how moving out of your comfort zone really is the better way.

Lists, Rules and Boxes to Check (Oh My)

Rahul Agarwal
Sep-Oct 2022

Life can often seem like one long to-do list, but Jesus offers so much more. Join us as we discover how abiding, consistent practices and...

Paper Walls

Andy Stanley
Jan 2022

There’s a fine line between a reason and an excuse. It's time to abandon the excuses.

On Purpose

Rahul Agarwal
Sep-Oct 2021

We all have hopes and dreams of what we want to accomplish. One of those hopes we collectively have is to live a life of purpose....

Keeping Your Soul Sane in Seasons of Change

Clay Scroggins
Aug 01, 2021

In seasons of change, it's good to remind ourselves who God is and who we are.